Oh My Lash: My first time trying out Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions has been in the market for years already, and right now there are so many salons out there that offers Eyelash Extensions, which in fact, would make us wonder, who amongst these salons offer good quality service with an affordable price … of course.
I started my “journey” by canvassing shops by shops that offer lash extensions inside malls and most of them are priced 800 php and higher (not for me) so I searched and searched, googled and everything until I stumbled upon Oh My Lash. And eventually, it caught my attention ‘coz of its affordable price, customers feedback, before & after photos and good reviews (these factors are my key points when I go over online shops. To be sure they are trusted and hey! It’s my first time, I’m just being cautious :D) soooo with these things checked, I contacted the salon immediately 👍
PS: I can’t really compare which salon is better from the other ‘coz I’TS MY FIRST TIME, so I’ll just base my review on my EXPERIENCE 👌
Oh My Lash was launched in June 10, 2012, rapidly growing as one of the trusted eyelash extension in Mandaluyong City. Years after, they branched out in the different provinces in the Philippines. They claim that they are one of the few to first offer specialized extension services. They uses high grade quality adhesive, removers and eyelashes by a trusted supplier from South Korea.
This is what the salon looks like outside
Oh My Lash has two branches in Cebu
1.      A.S Fortuna Branch (Is where I went) – located beside Oakridge Business Park
2.      N. Bacalso Branch
Upon entering, I was greeted by their lovely staff and asked me what lash type I like.  She even checked my lashes to see what type of lash suits me and recommended that I choose short thick lash, soooo I go ahead and did what she said 😀
These are the services they offer with their corresponding rates
After I have decided what lash I would get, she kindly requests for me to wait a minute then she went ahead and prepared the things needed.

I got the Tantalizing Eyes Short Thick lashes 😉
we started the procedure at 11:40 am
I entered into their “operating room” and they let me lie down into a small “bed”. I was so excited and obediently followed the instructions from the lovely lady (sorry I forgot to ask her name)I closed my eyes, then right after, she put masking tape on my lids! I was like, REALLY? Masking tape? But I just shrugged the idea off as long as the results are good 😐. Here are some of the pics during the procedure.



I felt so comfortable during the process, I even fell asleep have of the time! The lady’s hands are so light you can’t almost feel it plus the bed and blanket are so waaaarm. So yeah, I fell asleep mehehe … my bad!
The process took about an hour. We started 11:40 am and finished 12:30 pm.
Upon check out, they gave me a Thank you card (so sweet) and let me take a look of the rates for the retouch as shown below 👇


Overall the experience is great, its comfortable and warm J except from the masking tapes mehehe. Nice job guys!
Final Look:



·        Do not get lashes wet for 12-24 hours
·        Avoid hot steam or sauna
·        Avoid running water directly on your lashes
·        Do not rub your eyes
·        Use water based eye makeup remover
·        Do not perm your lashes
·        Do not use a mechanical eyelash curler
·        Do not pull on your lashes
(this may cause your natural lashes to come out prematurely)
·        Regular touch up is advised every 2-3 weeks
PS: Having eyelash extensions is not a joke. I struggled for the first day on how to wash my face without it getting damaged 😅. But now (as of writing this blog, it’s my 4th day having lash extensions) I’m slowly getting the hang of it.



Will I ever do it again? – Yes, maybe 😁 I love the idea of waking up every morning with my lashes on point!
Do you have plans on having lash extensions? If you’re into beauty like me, it’s definitely a fun experience to try out. BUTdon’t overdo it, according to my research, it is advisable to have lash extensions 4 times a year since it might stern the growth of your own lashes. And we don’t want that right? Despite this instant beautification, we still have to take care of our own lashes 😊
You can contact Oh My Lash by calling, texting or DM-ing them. They respond quickly to inquiries which is also great about them!


You can click their facebook page here and their Instagram account here
And that’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and learned something, Chao!



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