Artwork No. 2 : Dreaming summertime – A step by step watercolor painting process

Hola! BnBnation we are now in the month of October and a couple of days more it’s CHRISTMAS! But we all know that during the “ber” months, our weather is quiet gloomy and oftentimes strong typhoons enter our country and I can’t help it but to dream about summer time where we can bathe under the smiling sun and enjoy the beaches.So taking into account that dreaming phase of mine about summertime, I created a watercolor painting of a sun-kissed skin lady happily sun-bathing.

Let’s start

The materials I used for this painting are:

  • Bic HB 0.5 mechanical pencil
  • Uni pin in 0.4 and 0.05
  • Canson watercolor pad 200gsm
  • Simbalion 36 color watercolor cake


I started off by drawing the subject of my painting and this particular painting by the way is all referred to the photo of a gorgeous lady named Angel Cariño on facebook go check her out.


Then I paint down the base skin color. A sandy color as base applied to the areas where the sun (light source) isn’t hitting directly to the subject. In her case its edges of her arms, face, and curves in her chest and legs.


After I let the first layer set and all dried up, I then topped it off with a darker brown since she is tanned and I want to really show that she’s been kissed by the sun.


While waiting for the skin to dry, I painted her retro sunglasses and classic red lips.


Then I painted her swimsuit with orange and coloured her hair black. I also painted the cast of her shadow.


And to the fun part … Painting her round beach towel using wet and wet technique. ( Kinda off with the color matching and not dong great with the technique as well. But this is a journey and not a contest, I’m still guys J ) We are almost done, I just put some details in the eyes and outlined the subject and we are DONE!




Thank you for being with me and reading through the steps on how I created the piece. I hope you enjoyed and maybe get something out from this little art journey of mine.


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‘Till next time. Ciao!



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