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Hello ladies, I missed you. It’s been a while since I’ve written something for the blog and I’m sorry for being MIA. I have been busy figuring out what to do when you’re “22”. Anyways It’s great to be back so without further ado let’s proceed to reviewing the ESME Organics cold wax.

Today we are going to review the ESME Organics’ cold wax – the best selling product of the brand. It’s actually odd writing a review about the wax today given the fact that I have been using the product for 2 years now 🀣. 

Where to buy:

The product is actually pretty accessible. You can buy them in their online shop or to their exclusive distributors, they are also available in different concept stores which we all know are scattered around the country. I for one bought mine in a concept store here in Lapu-Lapu City. Yup! bisaya ko dai 😊


I bought mine for Php. 150.00 at Brand Central – a concept store.

Esme has different flavors for their cold wax namely:

  • Strawberry Taffy – Php 160.00
  • Unicorn Taffy      – Php 160.00
  • MIlk Taffy            – Php 160.00
  • Mango Banana    – Php 150.00
  • Watermelon        – Php 150.00
  • Orange                  – Php 150.00
  • Marshmallow    – Php 150.00
  • Juicy Apple        – Php 150.00
  • Jelly fruit            – Php 150.00
  • Honey                – Php 150.00
  • Hair Begone      – Php 150.00
  • Chocolate          – Php 150.00
  • Charcoal            – Php 150.00
  • Candy                – Php 150.00
  • Aloe Vera          – Php 150.00

Phew! that is plenty of flavors right there. Among those flavors, what I have tried using are Watermelon, Aloe Vera, Jellyfruit, and Chocolate.

esme cold wax review by belleandbrushes

Photo from Esme Organics

What you see is what you get with this one. It is sold in plastic cosmetics tub and has a net weight of 250g. They upgraded their packaging and made the tub in a pink color different from what I have since I didn’t use up all the product yet so I still have the old packaging which is white.

My thoughts and experience:

I super love it! Remember I have been using it for 2 years guys, 2 years! how’s that for a staple product? 😁 In using the cold wax, it magically make the process of hair removal waaayy faster than plucking. Although you can do it in 1,2,3 using a razor, I don’t really like it since in just a couple of days the hair starts to surface again. Plucking and using razor also can damage our underarms and make them darker in constant use. We don’t want that right?Β 

Another pro is it just didn’t make the process faster compared to plucking, it also removes the dead skins and deodorant residue in our armpits that didn’t wash off while bathing, therefore, making our underarms look instantly brighter after just one use. The product is made out of natural and organic ingredients so it is really safe to use even for sensitive skin. Looking at the ingredients, I think we can eat it too since there wasn’t any chemical that I cannot pronounce written on it.😁😁😁

And can we talk about the smell? It smells so appetizing especially the Chocolate one. I’m very tempted to eat it, really! but I didn’t dare.😁 

The only CON I can say about this product is you will experience a little bit of pain during the process but it won’t take long since in a matter of 3 mins. per underarm, you are done and ready for the day.Β  It also differs depending on the person since we have different levels of pain tolerance. Basically, it’s just like having the accumulated pain of 50 hair plucks in on go. It’s not that bad πŸ˜‰Β 

Because I love it so much and I am a certified satisfied user of the product, I recommended it to my friends and they love it too! Now, If you haven’t tried ESME Organics cold wax then you should buy and grab one babe. It’s a must try.

That is all for this post I hope you enjoyed and learned something during your stay in my blog. Until next time.



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