HOLIDAY SALE! Don’t miss Careline’s Christmas treat

If you haven’t heard of the brand, which I doubt it if your from the Philippines, let me introduce it a little bit. 

Careline Cosmetics has been every young Filipina’s go-to-makeup line. It provides trendier and high quality cosmetics at an affordable price for the new generation without looking “kiddie”. Presently, Careline Cosmetics is available nationwide, and has expanded its product line to address the growing needs its consumers.” –  As written in their site. Also, it is the “little sister” brand of a great cosmetic brand Ever Bilena – whose market are more on to the tweenties up.

So for this holiday season, our goody Careline is giving us some treats and discounts! Wait .. What? 

Yup! you read it right beauties. Careline is having some huge SAAAALLLLLEEEE until December 31,2018. Check the photos below! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do! 

Kiss Sticks all shades from P180.00 down to only P99.00
Matte Liquid Lipsticks from P210 down to only P99.00
Melted Metallic Lipsticks from P210 down to only P99.00
Extra Shine Lipgloss from P85.00 down to P50.00 only.
And my first ever lipstick during High School days, who will ever forget the mesmerizing Magic Lipstick from P80.00 down to P30.00 only! Hoard now and gift your sister some magic.
Careline Liquid Lippie from P120.00 down to P75.00 only.
Careline regular lippie from P90.00 down to P55.00 only.
Want something to pop your eyes? Here ya go! their new mascara from P175.00 now down to P105.00 only!
Wait! there’s more! Their makeup set of eyeshadows and blushes palette is also on sale from P125.00 now down to P75.00 only.

Be sure to not miss this great opportunity cuties and while you are at it, go shop your friendship some makeup too! For as low as P300.00 you can get her almost a full face of makeup product which includes 1 makeup set, 1 mascara, and 1 lippie, How cool is that?

Also don’t forget to tag @carelineph on your MOTD (Makeup of the day) using your newly purchased products and use #Carelineph & #Betterthanbasic. Let’s race ourselves to the nearest Careline counters noooowwww. See you!

Disclaimer: all photos are from Careline Cosmetics

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