My look for a special date

It’s a special day! And my boyfriend and I are planning to go to a beautiful restaurant – The Top of Cebu. Of course, being a girl, I have to get ready and look good since we will be taking a lot of photos in there.

I sported a simple look. A very beginner friendly look that most of the girls, even those who are not familiar with makeup can do. I used only one (1) product for my eyelids, cheeks, and lips which is one of the first product of Luna Organics, the mousse blush in the shade “tootsie”, the collection has four color variation but I only got one πŸ™‚ . Surely that will give the hint that this look is fairly simple to do. Just do the base which is foundation, then the brows, a little contour, apply the mousse blush in the eye, cheeks, and lips, add some mascara AND we are good to go!

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