Escape from City Life

Do you know what is the best background available in the world?

If you don’t know or haven’t noticed it yet, It’s our ever vibrant and beautiful NATURE. Why? take a look at our photo. Looking so crisp and sharp, I almost thought we are photoshopped in to that picture. LOL.

We are enjoying the scenic clear blue skies and water at Badian, Cebu.

I can’t even take my eyes off of this picture purely because I AM JUST SO MESMERIZED. We are just so lucky that despite the chaotic, polluted city, we have escape places like beaches and mountains that we can run to whenever we NEED a break from the city life.

Just a reminder, let us be RESPONSIBLE tourists and leave NO TRASH just your footprints behind. Let us cherish the moments, enjoy its wondrous view while protecting it at the same time so our future generation can experience the emotions we felt when we are enveloped by our mother NATURE.




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