Miss Fiji the Caribbean babe

One perfect day, Mr. Sun is shining up so brightly and it is such a wonderful weather to stroll outside. But my body feels otherwise because I’m stuck in my bed trying to recover from the fever I had last night. I had a good rest, but still I spared myself from going to work and decided to just stay at home for the day to relax myself and let my body rest and gain back the energy I carelessly took for granted during the week and not having a proper repose from all the summer outings and constant travel from island to island.

Seconds, minutes and hours pass by but still I can’t sleep, so I grabbed my cellphone and scrolls the photos in my gallery and then a screenshot photo of @that.fiji on instagram got my attention. An idea struck me, It has been some time now since I played with my watercolor and I’m bored. So, watercolor painting it is!

Materials used:

  • Simbalion 32 watercolor cakes
  • Craftdoodleph 6 x 4 inch watercolor paper in white
  • Scrivo brush #2
  • Uni Pin fine line 0.05


Let’s start:

I roughly sketched the features of Fiji on the watercolor paper to serve as my guide on where to paint the colors later on. Also, I fixed the paper on to the table using a masking tape because when using watercolor, the paper tends to bend when wet. So to have an even surface to work on, it is a must.


Okay. I first applied the skin tone of Fiji and I have to admit, I was quiet scared about this. The first color application is harsh. I was thinking, ”Uh oh, I think I messed it up” but nevertheless I continued playing. Taking this chance to study and get to know the qualities of the materials that I am using.


Breathe in. Breathe out. Trust the process.


Next step, I painted her eyes and brows. In her photo, she’s having bright colored eyeshadows that is why I’m using yellow and orange in her lid. As for her brows, she got bushy healthy brows in pitch black.
Moreover, I am relieved to know that these watercolor cakes tends to be so pigmented while still wet but when its all dried up, the color tones down. Trust the process.


Then I painted her lips in nude red and the flower on her ear. Can’t tell though if I gave justice to the flower. I find them hard to do Originally her flower is colored yellow, but since yellow doesn’t have much coverage, the pencil marks still shows through so I shaded it with orange.


Next thing I do is paint her voluminous curly pitch black locks and applied white paint to serve as highlight. Also to have some depths and dimension in her hair.


Lastly, I painted her shirt and the piece is complete! I’m loving the soft finish of the watercolor but since I’m in the mood to give it some extra kick. I opted to outline the piece using the Uni pin fine line in 0.05 for that sharp and defined edges.





And here it is my little Miss Fiji. I hope you enjoyed your stay and thank you for taking your time in reading my blog. Untill next time!



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