Yellow Cab New 9″ Pizza Launch

Yellow Cab New 9" edge-to-edge pizza launch

Are you  craving for a sumptuous Yellow Cab Pizza or maybe you’re down and stressed and you are looking for a  loaded pizza to cheer you up? Well, you have a hundred things to stress about but looking for an edge-to-edge pizza isn’t one. 

Introducing Yellow Cab’s all new 9-inch sized edge-to-edge pizzas perfect for solo date with well – yourself (of course) or drag a buddy to share it with. Complete with the same loaded edge-to-edge toppings you have always loved!

Starting at just Php 299, you can now indulge your hunger and fuel your passions by these mouthwatering pizzas that are available from wide range of Classic and Signature flavors such as:

  •  Hawaiian
  • New York Classic
  • Manhattan Meatlovers
  • Garden Special
  • Roasted Garlic and Shrimp
  • BBQ Chicken
  • #4 Cheese

Got a large squad to feed? You may freely choose from Yellow Cab’s 12″ Medium, 15″ Large, and 18″ Xlarge pizzas for your all time Classic and Signature favorite flavors. But if you want something bold then, you may try their Legendary flavors: bestselling New York’s Finest, and jam-packed Four Seasons in Original or All Meat.

Yellow Cab Pizza Menu

Not only Yellow Cab offers pizza a la carte, they also offer ALL DAY LUNCH SOLOS for as low as Php 129. For those "gipit" days a.k.a petsa de peligro days. The Pizza Co. also offers frequent promos so watch out for those!

Fueling Passions

"Yellow Cab wants everyone to feed their edge and appetite with satisfying bite, whether dining solo, with a buddy, or with their circle. With our new 9-inch pizzas, you can now enjoy your Yellow Cab favorites whenever you desire at a new generous price of Php 299."

- Charlene Sapina, Marketing Head of Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

The lauching is a success and I can't wait to indulge myself to Yellow Cab's edge-to-edge pizzas!

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